Get your toilet clean with a Bio Bidet Elite 3 Toilet Seat Attachment

Bio Bidet Elite 3 toilet cleanerIn regards to my recent fascination with bidets, I decided to order a bidet attachment from I have nothing but good things to say about it. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from it. First, the product is low cost. Second, it is easy to install and not a complete bidet system. Yet it only took a few uses for me to realize how great it really is.

The Bio Bidet Elite3 bidet toilet seat attachment gives you plenty of flexibility. I know I won’t be living in this apartment for long, and I don’t want to invest in something that I will have to undo and take with me to the next place. I am also on a low budget so I wanted something practical but still economical. I don’t need a bidet with all the bells and whistles, just one to do the basic job well!

You don’t use electricity for this particular bidet. If your bathroom is like mine, there isn’t a plug in close to the toilet. I didn’t want to pay a plumber to come put one in either since I don’t own the place. The hose is very durable and it was simple to attach it to the sink water. The control for the temperature is easy to use. However, I often just use the room temperature option.

Bio Bidet Elite 3

This bidet features two nozzles and they offer water that will cleanse you when you use the bathroom. You can select the level of water pressure which is a perk I really like. There is also a splash guard so you don’t have to worry about the water going anywhere but in the toilet.  The materials are high quality.

You don’t find that will all types of bidets out there so select what you buy very carefully. Some of them I have seen are quite flimsy and you have to wonder just how long they will last. They are also hard to hold in place due to the design. They are a “one size fits all” type of design. Yet we all know toilet bowls are found in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Bio Bidet Elite 3

If you aren’t sure if a bidet is right for you or you don’t have much to spend, do what I did. Buy the Bio Bidet Elite3 bidet toilet seat attachment. You will be able to attach it on your own in a matter of minutes. The design ensures it stays in place too. There are two brackets in the back and you adjust them to fit your specific toilet bowel. I have to admit I was very impressed with that part of the design.

There is also a 12 month warranty on this product. I have to say that was a huge selling point for me. It told me that this was a product created to last or they never would have offered such a warranty on it. Get the Bio Bidet Elite3 bidet toilet seat attachment and try it yourself! I am sure you won’t be disappointed in the least!

National Headache Month

You might not know it but June is National Headache Month! And to help kick it off, Excedrin®, partnered with WebMD to help educate headache sufferers on the condition.

In a survey conducted by WebMD, research shows significant differences between what headache sufferers are doing to treat their pain and what doctors recommend. Please see below for some of these key findings coming out of the survey:

  • According to the survey, one out of every three respondents suffers from headaches weekly.
  • The survey found that 46% of respondents choose to “tough out” their headaches, despite doctor advice,
  • In fact, nine out of ten physicians suggest not toughing out headaches and eight out of ten suggest treating headaches early, because there is support for the idea that medications work better when taken at the first sign of a headache.

Below is a helpful infographic illustrating the survey findings.


Do you suffer from headaches?

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